The main activity of Galloo is the recovery and recycling of old metals. Every year Galloo gives more than 1 million tonnes of steel and more than 60,000 tonnes of metals a second life. With this enormous processing capacity, Galloo is one of the most important recycling companies in Europe.



Every year Galloo processes thousands of end-of-life vehicles with respect for people and the environment. Afterwards the cars get a second life as raw material. Our ecological processes for the recycling of end-of-life vehicles are the result of extensive research and development.



Galloo has been responsible for the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment for many years. Every year Galloo produces tonnes of alternative raw materials from all these devices.



Galloo Plastics annually processes more than 50,000 tonnes of plastics into reusable granulates. The vast majority is intended for the automotive industry. But the granulates are also sold to companies in the construction sector, agriculture and horticulture.



 At our ship breakdown yard in Ghent, we have been dismantling ships with great respect for people and the environment for more than 75 years. Both inland vessels, container ships and also military vessels are recycled in accordance with a standard pattern.

Post Shredder Technology

After shredding, everything that is not iron is processed further. Rubbers and foams undergo thermal valorisation, while plastics get a second life at Galloo Plastics. The non-ferrous metals are also separated further.

A professional approach to recycling

Our goal is 100% valorisation. Up-to-date machinery proves our professional and industrial approach.

Spotlight news

Nieuw adres voor Galloo Roeselare


Na meer dan 60 jaar in de Mandellaan, start voor Galloo Roeselare een nieuw hoofdstuk. Het filiaal opent vandaag de deuren op een nieuw adres: Ovenhoek 22.

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Galloo schenkt € 50.000 aan vzw Teledienst Menen


Donderdag 7 oktober overhandigde Pierre Vandeputte in naam van recyclagebedrijf Galloo, een cheque van € 50.000 aan de Teledienst uit Menen. Dankzij deze schenking kan Teledienst Menen na een tegenslag één van haar hoofddoelstelling blijven verwezenlijken: mensen langer laten thuis wonen.

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