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Let's recycle Ships

At our ship breakdown yard in Ghent, we have been dismantling ships with great respect for people and the environment for more than 75 years. Inland vessels, container ships and warships are dismantled and recycled according to a standard pattern. Did you know that we are unique in Belgium in this activity?

On average, we scrap around 40 ships a year, which is good for 30,000 tons of steel. More than 98% of each ship goes to a useful destination. The majority as a raw material for the steel industry. Despite the competition with cheaper yards in Asia, many companies and governments prefer to entrust their discarded vessels to Galloo, where they are scrapped with respect for people and the environment.

Post Shredder Technology

After shredding, everything that is not iron is processed further. Rubbers and foams undergo thermal valorisation, while plastics get a second life at Galloo Plastics. The non-ferrous metals are also separated further.

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