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Vision and purpose

 Galloo is one of the most important recycling companies for ferrous and non-ferrous metals in Western Europe. With its branches in Belgium, France and Zeeland Flanders, the group is strongly anchored in this region.

Galloo processes discarded consumer goods and factory scrap. Everything is recycled in an ecological way. Thanks to an ingenious process, we convert waste materials into secondary raw materials. And that naturally benefits the environment!

Our goal: 100% recycling for 100% quality of life. With our continuous investments in a modern machine park and with our experienced engineers, who are constantly developing new technologies, we also have all the ingredients for success in these goals.

Committed as one to give Earth its second nature.

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 Galloo continuously invests in research and development to comply with European standards for reuse and recycling. The group drew up an industrial processing process itself to recycle discarded consumer goods and factory scrap in an ecological manner.

100% valorisation is our goal and a modern machine park is proof of our expert approach. Our experienced engineers are constantly developing new technologies to achieve that goal.

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 Galloo opts for transport by truck and by ship. We have an extensive fleet of vehicles and containers for this purpose and we have our own barge.

Our own transport company, Galloo Logistics, was founded in 1998. Galloo Logistics takes care of the internal transport for Galloo and delivers the processed material to the steel industry in Belgium and northern France.

By arranging part of our internal transport by water, we want to relieve road traffic as much as possible. Internal transport via water runs very smoothly, because many of our yards can be found on river quays.

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Human capital

We also continue to invest in our human capital. We have an extensive human resources department and an active health policy. Despite the size of the company, we attach great importance to short lines of communication and respect for every employee. With numerous internal and external training opportunities and fun activities after working hours, Galloo also wants to set the standard in the market as an employer

Galloo en duurzaamheid

Sustainable Business

As an industrial recycling company, Galloo has a responsibility to the environment and our surroundings. That is why we organise our business processes in the most sustainable way possible. With numerous investments on and around our various sites, we keep our impact on the environment as low as possible.

A brief overview of recent investments:

  • Biological water treatment plant in Galloo Menen with a capacity of 2 million litres of rainwater per day;
  • Sound walls around the processing sites reduce noise pollution;
  • The “Galloo Cleaning Truck” runs in Menen daily between the various yards and removes traces of internal transportation;
  • Dust control by spraying our sites and a system of ultra-filtration on our shredder in Menen.

In addition, since 2003 several Galloo subsidiaries have been conducting their quality and environmental management according to the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Every year we formulate and implement new objectives and action points. In this way, we continue to improve the quality of our services and protect the environment.

We invariably prefer to sponsor youth activities (football, volleyball, cycling, …). In addition to our active sponsorship policy described above, Galloo also set up its own “Foundation”. The funds from this budget go to the financial or material support of non-profit organisations. 

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Contact details

Belgium: +32 56 52 13 00
France: +33 3 20 23 91 49