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With more than forty branches in Belgium, France and the Netherlands, Galloo creates a continuous chain for the recycling of scrap, old metals and end-of-life vehicles. Within the group we take care of the entire recycling process, from collection to the sale of secondary raw materials. This allows us to guarantee products of the highest quality.

Galloo was the first company in Belgium and France to use the “end of waste certificate” for four products (the only products for which criteria have already been established):

  • pure crushed iron scrap
  • sorted and dried aluminium
  • sorted stainless steel
  • sorted copper

Products with this label are secondary raw materials with such a high degree of purity, that they are no longer considered to be waste.


Here you will find a brief overview of the most common secondary raw materials that Galloo sells, each with the necessary specifications per product.

  • N1 – Red Copper
  • N13 – Catalytic Converters
  • N15 – Cables
  • N2 – Yellow Copper
  • N3 – Bronze
  • N4 – Lead
  • N5 – Zinc
  • N6 – Aluminium
  • N8 – Stainless Steel
  • N9 – Batteries
  • iron
  • Electrical Scrap
  • Cars

This list is concise, we have many other products and levels of quality. Be sure to contact one of our commercial staff if you do not find what you are looking for.

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Contact details

Belgium: +32 56 52 13 00
France: +33 3 20 23 91 49