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Let's recycle Cars

Every year Galloo processes thousands of end-of-life vehicles with respect for people and the environment. Afterwards the cars get a second life as raw material. Our ecological processes for the recycling of end-of-life vehicles are the result of extensive research and development.

 Several of our branches in Flanders, Wallonia and in France are equipped specifically for the processing of end-of-life vehicles. We guarantee a rock-solid service for the recovery, de-pollution and processing of the discarded cars. Of course, when doing so we comply with the strictest legal standards.

Year after year we take steps forward in the recycling of end-of-life vehicles. We are always confronted with new challenges, such as air-conditioning fluids and hybrid or electric cars. But we always grasp the challenge with both hands! In 2019 we were the first recycling centre in Belgium to receive accreditation from Febelauto to also be able to remove the batteries from electric and hybrid vehicles.

Post Shredder Technology

After shredding, everything that is not iron is processed further. Rubbers and foams undergo thermal valorisation, while plastics get a second life at Galloo Plastics. The non-ferrous metals are also separated further.

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