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Let's recycle Metals

The main activity of Galloo has remained the same since it was founded in 1939: the recovery and recycling of old metals. Over the years we have witnessed a continuous improvement in recycling techniques. The recycling sector undergoes constant innovation, in which Galloo has always played a pioneering role. Using advanced methods, Galloo recycles factory scrap and old metals, including those from discarded consumer goods.

Factory Scrap

The factory scrap supplied is often homogeneous and can be converted into new raw materials in a relatively simple way. Heavy metals are cut with one of our cutters, while the lighter metals go straight to the press. In both cases, the secondary raw materials are primarily intended for the metal industry.



Old Metals

In contrast to factory scrap, old metals are a collection of different types, which requires a different approach.

Old metals end up in a shredder; a large hammer mill in which they are crushed. The small particles are further sorted through successive processes: ferrous metals (containing iron), non-ferrous metals (not containing iron) and non-metals.

The ferrous metals can serve as a raw material for the metal processing industry. The non-ferrous metals go to a separate processing unit for further separation after shredding. In the 80’s, Galloo invested in a flotation machine, where the fractions are separated from each other based on their density. It allowed us to isolate aluminium, copper and other non-ferrous metals more efficiently. Over the years we have refined the techniques and developed new techniques. For example, we are now able to separate non-ferrous metals based on colour and electrical conductivity, among other things.

Post Shredder Technology

After shredding, everything that is not iron is processed further. Rubbers and foams undergo thermal valorisation, while plastics get a second life at Galloo Plastics. The non-ferrous metals are also separated further.

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