New shear at Sin-le-Noble

But that's not the only new feature... In fact, this shear is the only one of the Galloo sites to be equipped with a sorting cabin. As soon as they are spotted, the lithium cells and batteries can be separated manually by our employees before being placed in batribox drums. These drums are then collected by our service provider SCRELLEC. The batteries will be recycled to give them a second life.

These batteries are increasingly used to power new electrical and electronic equipment and, as a result, are landing more and more on our sites. Thanks to everyone's efforts, over the last 2 years we have already disposed of more than 26 tonnes of batteries in all our French subsidiaries.

This corresponds to an average of 22.3 kg of batteries for every 1,000 tonnes discharged. Lithium batteries are dangerous because they are unstable. Short-circuits or mechanical damage can lead to thermal runaway. This is an irreversible process in which, depending on the state of charge, the battery will eventually catch fire. So this sorting cabin will help to insulate them even further to limit these risks.

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