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Department 'Menen 2'
Ropswalle 1
B-8930 Menen


T: +32 56 52 83 17
F: +32 56 51 97 42

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  • Attention: Closed on july 21
  • 19/7 – 23/7: 7h – 12h // 12h30 – 18h
  • 26/7 – 13/8 7h-12h // 12h30-16h
  • 16/8 – 20/8: 7h – 12h //12h30 – 18h

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Monday - Friday: 7h-12h en 12h30-18h

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Galloo Ropswalle


 The non-ferrous metals are separated from each other after shredding at Galloo Ropswalle. By applying innovative techniques to specific fractions, we are able to constantly upgrade the waste streams. For example, we are now able to separate materials based on density, colour, shape, electrical conductivity and composition.

Galloo continues to invest, so that we can separate and sort non-ferrous metals even more effectively in the future. The purity of the end product is, therefore, Galloo's greatest asset. The separated scrap can be used immediately by foundries, our most important customers. For example, Galloo gives tonnes of materials a new lease of life every year and the loop of the circular economic model gradually closes.

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