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Galloo Fiefs

3, Rue de Pernes

F-62134 Fiefs

T: +33 (0)321 47 19 10
F: +33 (0)321 04 92 31

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Monday: 08:30–12:00; 13:30–17:00
Tuesday: 08:30–12:00; 13:30–17:00
Wednesday: 08:30–12:00; 13:30–17:00
Thursday: 08:30–12:00; 13:30–17:00
Friday: 08:30–12:00; 13:30–17:30
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Accessible for
private individuals en professionals

Galloo Fiefs

Galloo Fiefs is an industrial enterprise with approx. ten employees. Our main activity is the valorisation and recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We provide production units for the recovery of metallic products, including different types of buckets, ranging from 8 - 30 m³ in capacity. We can collect all kinds of products within a wide geographical radius

We are also able to collect all types of waste, including scrap metal and zinc, by boom truck. We are at pains to valorise your non-ferrous metallic waste as effectively as possible, including copper, stainless steel, aluminium, cable and other alloys, and provide containers ranging from 1 - 3 m³ in capacity. We are supplied by industry, a wide range of professional trades and private individuals.

Approval number: VHU PR62000028D

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Belgium: +32 56 52 13 00
France: +33 3 20 23 91 49