End of life vehicles

A European initiative
A collaboration between the recycling industry, the automobile industry and the authorities.

Elaborate an industrial plan, in order to comply with the environmental objectives as they ar given by the European Directive (and the national legislation and environmental agreements derived from this Directive), this means:

  • end 2005: 85% recycling/valorisation
  • end 2015: 95% recycling/valorisation

The car manufacturers participate actively by designing cars suited for recycling afterwards.

The European Directive for treating end of live vehicles

  • Kraan en pers
  • Autowrakkenverwerking

With main function: management and collecting.

With main goals: end of life vehicles valorisation and assuring the car manufacturers that the end of life vehicles are treated with respect for the environment.

How are the end of life vehicles treated?
4 steps in the Galloo action:

  • dismantling (security) and depollution
  • spare parts collection
  • shredding
  • treatment of shredder residues
  • Depollutie
  • Depollutie