With 40 sites in Belgium, France and the Netherlands, Galloo creates an uninterrupted recycling chain of scrap metal, ELVs, and other metals.

Within our group we take care of the entire recycling process, from collecting to selling. This allows us to deliver products of excellent quality.

Since the early days we have been striving for 100% recycling. To make this ambition come true we continuously invest in innovative processes and research in even better recycling techniques.

Galloo is the first company in Belgium and in France to receive the end-of-waste certificate (certificates). This is, of course, a great honour. The four and only types of products to be submitted to criteria are:

  • pure shredded iron scrap
  • sorted and dried aluminium
  • sorted stainless steel
  • sorted copper

Products receiving the end-of-waste label are secondary resources which are no longer considered to be waste as they reached a high purity level.

On this page you will find an overview of the secondary resources with the necessary specifications per product. Should you be looking for a specific product but you cannot find it immediately, please contact our sales team.

For more information we refer to our press release: End of Waste.