Galloo Sallaumines

Galloo Sallaumines

Our goal: 100% recycling
Founded in 1926, Galloo Sallaumines is a limited company associated with Galloo, whose principal activities include the purchase and sale of scrap iron and non-ferrous metals, the treatment of end of life vehicles (Certification N° PR 62000020 D of 5 February 2007), metallic demolition, dismantling of industrial installations and removal of machine tools.

It covers a 21,856 m² site, 3,462 m² of which are occupied by installations while the other 18,494 m² remain undeveloped, it is situated at close proximity to the various motorways that serve the town of Lens.

For the treatment of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, the limited company Galloo Sallaumines has hydraulic shovels, presses, power lift trucks, lorries and buckets with different cubic capacities.

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Galloo Sallaumines
Parc d’activité La Galance
Rue de Guînes
62430 Sallaumines

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Site Manager: Claude Roseau

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Monday to Friday:
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Galloo Sallaumines