Galloo Kain

Galloo Kain

Our goal: 100% recycling
Galloo Kain was created in September 2001. This subsidiary of Galloo occupies a 5.8 ha site with its own rail link. A 1,250 tonne shearing machine has been installed there. Galloo Kain completes the scrap iron collection network for the group’s shredders, as well as production chutes and non-ferrous metals.

The optimal processing of scrap for the iron and steel industry
In addition to these scrap iron processing activities, a branch of Valorauto depollutes end of life vehicles, known as ELV. This approved centre complies with strict safety and environmental criteria. At this centre, the ELV are processed environmentally, in other words all dangerous or toxic elements/products are removed, such as engine oils, brake fluids, tyres, batteries, etc. After being depolluted they are partially destroyed and then transported to a group shredder. A certificate of destruction is issued at this stage.

Contact info
Galloo Kain
12-14, Rue Fernand Pennequin
7540 Kain

Tel+32 (0)69 22 23 24
Fax+32 (0)69 84 07 60

Site Manager: Jean-Pierre Denancy

Opening hours
Monday to Thursday:
8:00 - 12:00 13:00 - 16:30

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Galloo Kain