Galloo Dendermonde

Galloo Dendermonde

Our goal: 100% recycling
Galloo Dendermonde is part of Galloo which, year after year, keeps 1,700,000 tonnes of steel, 100,000 tonnes of metals and 40,000 tonnes of plastics off the country’s growing waste mountain. Thanks to that enormous waste processing capacity, it is one of Europe’s leading recycling firms. By investing continually in new technologies, the group strives to achieve a 100% recycling rate.

The optimal processing of scrap for the iron and steel industry

  • Procurement from private individuals, self-employed persons, government departments, companies and neighbourhood recycling centres.
  • It has its own skip hire service.
  • An authorized car depollution centre on the site.
  • Purchase of all metals.
  • Regional storage station Recupel: acceptance of all electrical and electronic waste.

Approval number OVAM: 138/7/2

Contact info
Galloo Dendermonde
Wissenstraat 12
Industrieterrein Hoogveld
9200 Dendermonde

Tel+32 (0)52 22 54 53
Fax+32 (0)52 22 54 59

Site Manager: Lieven Rebry

Opening hours
Monday to Friday:
8:00 - 12:00 en 12:45 - 17:30 (aanmelden tot / se présenter jusqu'à 17:00)

8:30 - 12:00

Galloo Dendermonde